Software pilot deemed successful for Stevenson Memorial Hospital

In November 2017, Stevenson Memorial Hospital (SMH) partnered with a new business startup called ShiftLink and became the first hospital to pilot a new shift filling software app that allows staff to post and fill shifts in minutes.

“ShiftLink is an automated shift-filling software designed to help fill shifts left vacant to sick calls, volume surges and other scheduling challenges,” says Mary Beth Hennin, manager, Emergency and Medicine Services at SMH. “ShiftLink instantly connects available staff with available shifts based on professional requirements, skills, personal preferences, union seniority and much more.”

After a one-year pilot, the software saved over 1,200 hours.

There was an average of two minutes for the first response and an average of three responses per post. It also achieved a 70 per cent fill rate and experienced an 82.5 per cent call out reduction.

“The response to ShiftLink has been extremely promising,” says Jody Levac, president and CEO, SMH. “Innovative technology like this allows us to spend less time filling shifts and more time focusing on what matters most, which is providing the very best care possible to our patients. We are pleased to partner with ShiftLink and optimistic with the results so far.”

Other hospitals are now following in Stevenson’s footsteps.

"As a true startup business, Stevenson Memorial Hospital provided us with an opportunity to prove out our concept and gave ShiftLink instant credibility in the business community. With their help we've been able to partner with other health care organizations and improve our overall service offering. Their commitment to innovation and new solutions helped us gain the start we needed. We will always be grateful to them," says Richard Bicknell, president, ShiftLink.