ShiftLink saves you time and money!

From customized settings and screens to training, support and staff communication, you'll find ShiftLink to be surprisingly adaptable, easy to on board and learn. We're not a big project for you to worry about. We'll get you up and running in no time.

Custom Segmentation

ShiftLink is designed to adapt to your environment. Shift notifications can be customized to fit your needs and employment regulations.

Quick and Easy

No costly and time-consuming integration process. No need to schedule weeks of training. Use ShiftLink once or twice and you’re an expert!

Low Monthly Fees

No monthly surprises with ShiftLink. No fine print or hidden fees. We know that cost certainty is critical for you. Our fees are all-in and up front.

24/7 Support

We offer around the clock support for all of our customers. Our support team is there if you need us.

Equity and Transparency

Our process ensures an equitable and transparent allocation of shifts, enhancing staff morale and labor relations.

  • Custom ‘timeout’ tool provides all staff an equal amount of time to respond
  • Responses can be listed in order of seniority and are date and time stamped
  • Shift history captures entire shift post process
  • Manage seniority rankings any time

Business Intelligence

Measure your productivity in real-time with ShiftLink’s optional reports module.

  • No more note keeping, ShiftLink stores all historical data
  • Run reports at any time
  • Complete audit trail on all shifts assigned to your staff, included responses and awarded shifts.

Communication & Training

ShiftLink offers flexibility to get up and running on your schedule.

  • ShiftLink is super simple to set up – our team will help your workforce change and adapt
  • We have extensive experience and best practices to share with you that are proven to work
  • In-person or virtual training is provided for all administrators and frontline staff
  • Ongoing support is always available if you need us – any time!
"An efficient shift management process is automated, paperless, and requires few phone calls. Our team works closely with organizations to make this possible, and provide support wherever we can."

Julie Adams - CEO

"We are happy to offer a solution that can help hospitals, shelters, clinics, and other organizations ensure their focus remains where it is needed most, on clients, patients, and customers."

Richard Bicknell - President

"Our development team is proud to provide a customizable solution that can adapt to any organization, and provide our customers with quality service."

Justin Kostek - CTO

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